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Taylor Swift is a phenomenon that has captured the attention of millions around the world. But importantly, Swift has captured the wallets of these people as well. In fact, she’s been so successful that many have started referring to her business acumen as “Swiftonomics.”

The Eras Tour grossed some $2.2 billion — just in America. The singer was able to tap into a generation of women seeing their disposable income rise significantly over the past few years. The ticket sales have been a big part of her income, but the merchandise is also a big slice of the pie, adding to her revenue streams. And she’s not the only one benefitting from her incredible popularity. Anywhere that Taylor’s legions of fans visited throughout her tour saw an economic boost as well.

But now that the tour is over, Swift’s contributions to the economy are far from over. She’s sparked a new romance with a high-profile NFL player and announced the release of The Eras Tour documentary. Excitement over Taylor’s whereabouts continues, and her loyal fans are still on the move to see her — be it in theatres or at NFL games.

With that in mind, many investors are looking for stocks that could see a Swift tailwind over the next few months. These are the companies likely to benefit from her upcoming film and stand to gain as she continues to make a splash in the NFL. This aspect of her popularity could be an interesting one as the games see an influx of new viewers who could significantly impact the business of football.

Taylor Swift Stocks: AMC Entertainment (AMC)

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Beleaguered movie theatre and former meme stock AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) is in a financially precarious position, but Taylor Swift could change all that. The group is working to shore up its finances at the expense of investors. A dilutive share sale and years of struggling against a declining industry have left the group struggling to gain momentum. Taylor Swift and her legions of loyal fans could turn things around, though.

The Eras Tour is set to make its way to theatres, and AMC is set to be the biggest beneficiary. AMC has been able to capture 43% of revenues for The Eras Tour documentary. That’s not chump change either. The concert film set a new record for advance ticket sales, raking in $26 million. Add to that all of the popcorn, soda and candy the Swifties will be buying and AMC should have a windfall of cash. Not to mention the precedent that The Eras Tour will set. Taylor Swift is making post-tour films a thing, and Beyonce recently announced she would release a similar film. If movie theatres can capture a slice of the excitement that comes from mega-stars tours, there could be hope for the industry yet.

DraftKings (DKNG)

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Sports betting firm DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG) should benefit from the start of football season, but that benefit’s been amplified now that Taylor Swift entered the chat. Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce means there’s a whole lot more focus on the sport. With Swifties now watching and attending games to catch a glimpse of their favorite singer or cheer on her beau, the NFL may have a whole new audience. Sunday Night Football saw a 22% increase in viewership, and the number of women watching the game was up by two million.

But the enhanced excitement didn’t just mean more eyeballs on screens. It also drove more betting activity — a good thing for DraftKings. The company said bets on Kelce more than doubled. Whether people are worried he’ll crack under the pressure or see Swift’s presence at his games as a good luck charm, DraftKings stands to benefit. With so many newly minted NFL fans out there, the company is likely to have a bumper season of its own.

News Corporation (NWSA)

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You need only look at the mountains of stories pouring out of the latest game attended by Taylor Swift to understand why a media company like News Corporation (NASDAQ:NWSA) stands to gain from the singer’s latest endeavors. Questions about Kelce’s post-game reaction, the Singer’s post-game movements and speculation about whether she’ll be at the next game, are all dominating the conversation. News Corp owns a host of the tabloids publishing these stories, and sharing between Swifties will be music to advertisers’ ears.

News Corp has been embroiled in a succession scandal of its own, so the stock could benefit from a Swift tailwind. But there’s nothing like a new, and popular, relationship to get people talking. Given that both Swift and Kelce are public features, there’s plenty to delve into and News Corp and its assets will be taking full advantage as the relationship continues to unfold.

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Marie Brodbeck has a Finance degree from Duquesne University and has been a financial journalist for more than a decade. Her work can be seen in a variety of publications including InvestorPlace, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance and CCN.

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